Coming Soon: Simpletext 5


If I were to start over again, what would I do differently?

Every few years, I’d ask myself the same question. If I had known what I knew today, how would I have built Simpletext? What features would I include, and how would I structure the codebase?

The answers would guide the development of the next major release.

This is the fifth time I’m rebuilding Simpletext from the ground up. As it continues to mature, you’ll see less big changes and more overall refinements. The primary objective of this rebuild is to modernise the codebase to ensure it continues to work cohesively across the Apple ecosystem. I also adopt the latest technologies where applicable, such as TextKit 2 — Apple’s next-generation text engine for better performance and forward compatibility.

Besides the behind-the-scenes improvements, there is also an all-new serif typeface that I’d like to share. Here’s a screenshot of Simpletext 5 with the new typeface on an 11-inch iPad:

A preview screenshot of Simpletext 5 on iPad

Simpletext 5 will be released later this year as a free update to existing users. Happy writing!