8 Beautiful Free Font Alternatives You Can Use in Simpletext


Typography has always been an integral part of Simpletext. While it comes with what I consider to be amongst the finest fonts ever designed, I also realized that typography is subjective. You may have your own personal favourites.

Even if you like the default fonts included in Simpletext, you may also have this feeling of wanting to change things up after a while. That’s why I’ve added support for custom fonts in the latest version of Simpletext (V4.3).

This opens up a whole new world of typographic possibilities. To get you started, here are eight beautiful free fonts you can use in Simpletext.

1. Fira Mono

Screenshot of Simpletext in Fira Mono font
Download Fira Mono on Font Squirrel

2. Cousine

Screenshot of Simpletext in Cousine font
Download Cousine on Font Squirrel

3. IBM Plex Mono

Screenshot of Simpletext in IBM Plex Mono font
Download IBM Plex Mono on Font Squirrel

4. iA Writer Quattro

Screenshot of Simpletext in iA Writer Quattro font
Download iA Writer Quattro on GitHub

5. Inter

Screenshot of Simpletext in Inter Sans font
Download Inter on Font Squirrel

6. Inria Sans

Screenshot of Simpletext in Inria Sans font
Download Inria Sans on Font Squirrel

7. Alegreya

Screenshot of Simpletext in Alegreya font
Download Alegreya on Font Squirrel

8. Zilla Slab

Screenshot of Simpletext in Zilla Slab font
Download Zilla Slab on Font Squirrel

Which One Is Your Favourite?

Having a font you love makes the process of writing more enjoyable, which in turn makes you write more. So take your time and have fun trying out the various fonts out there until you find one you love.

Happy writing!