Simpletext stands for simplicity in everything it does, both in its design and its business model. This is the Simpletext promise.

Simple Always

Simpletext will always stay simple. Instead of trying to outdo the competition with more features, Simpletext goes the other way with less features, less code, less mass. Essentially, Simpletext strives to do less, but better.

Honest Pricing

Simpletext is and will always be a paid app, which means you only have to purchase once to use the app across all devices, including the Mac, iPad and iPhone. There is no subscription or in-app purchase — Simpletext comes with free lifetime updates so you never have to pay again. And there will never be a sale, thus every day is the best day to buy Simpletext.

Lifelong Commitment

Simpletext is my life’s work, and it is here for the long term. Every decision takes financial sustainability into consideration to ensure it can continue to run, even when no one is buying. Therefore, you never have to worry about whether Simpletext will be abandoned or acquired — it is here to stay.

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