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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Simpletext a single purchase for all devices?

Yes, Simpletext is offered as a universal purchase, which means you only have to purchase once to use it on all your devices. This includes Simpletext for the Mac, iPad and Phone.

What cloud services does Simpletext supports?

Simpletext is integrated with the native file system, so you can use iCloud or any other cloud services to sync your files.

What file types does Simpletext supports?

Simpletext can edit plain text files with extension .txt and .md. New files created has the default extension .txt.

Does Simpletext supports text formatting?

As a plain text editor, Simpletext doesn’t support text formatting. However, you can use Markdown punctuation characters to achieve the same goal. For example, you can put asterisks around a word for *emphasis*. Do note that Simpletext doesn’t support inline Markdown preview, which means the word wrapped in asterisks will remain as-is without being bolded.

What is the auto hyphenation setting for?

Hyphenation refers to the use of a hyphen to break up a word at the end of a line. When auto hyphenation is on, the last word of a line will be split into two lines if necessary to even the irregular right edge of the text. You can turn it off if you prefer to have a complete word instead.

Are there any arrow buttons to move the cursor on the iPhone and iPad?

Simpletext has an even more intuitive way to move the cursor — just swipe your finger along the keyboard bar where the word count is. Give it a try, it works so well you’ll wish Apple implements it natively in iOS!

How do I undo or redo on the iPhone and iPad?

With the keyboard on screen, tap and hold anywhere with three fingers to reveal the text editing menu to undo, redo, cut, copy and paste. You can also swipe left with three fingers to undo, and swipe right to redo.

I love Simpletext! How else can I support your work?

You can leave a review on App Store, and tell your friends about Simpletext! You can also check out my other app, TimePod. Thank you for your support!